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5/17/06 09:43 pm

Name: Helen
Age: 15
Height: 5'6
Current Weight:156.4
Short Term Goal Weight: 150
Dream Weight: 110 =D

anybody can add me if you want.. ill need the support and if you want to know anything about me just comment and ask! xxx

5/17/06 04:08 pm - hi

hi im new here.... and to lj
so if anybody wants to add me as a friend that would be great...

my stats

name - H
age - 15
CW - 156.4
HW - 164
LW - 156.4 (yesss!)
STG - 150
LTG - 120

if you want to know anything else just comment me and ask!

today i have had
like 5 glasses of water
hot chocolate - 120 cals
half a nutri-grain bar - 50cals

not bad so far!!!!!!

5/17/06 03:40 pm - my first entry........

hey everyone..... well this is my first entry. Im on a desperate journey to lose weight... because im fat. really fat. eugh it disgusts me so much. but im not going to be able to do it without support so please add me as friend if you want to help me and me to help you....

my stats

height - 5'6
CW - 156.4 lbs
HW - 164 lbs
LW - 156.4 lbs (my current weight woot woot!)
1st STG - 155 lbs (a really easy one at the moment)
2nd STG - 147 lbs
3rd STG - 140 lbs (nice easy ones to keep my motivation up)
LTG - 110/120 lbs
Type of ED - EDNOS

if you want to know anything else just ask! xxx
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